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Progress is being made in obtaining licences in the Scottish area. Midlothian is being bracketed, a little unfairly, with Edinburgh:unfairly, because Midlothian is a rural area whereas the city is part of its own urban 'sprawl'. (!)

Undoubtedly Leith Community Radio (Leith FM) is a success story and serves as a model for other enterprising media-linked project  previous track record (as  under Leith FM) runs specific broadcasts during the local festival periods and at other times acts as a 'standard' output. So, well done, you Leithers (!)

It appears that as at today's date, OFCOM has been busy handing out longer term (five year) licences - UK wide. The West of Scotland and Northern Ireland seem to have been prime areas but the picure is changing almost from month to month.

An important decision to incorporate was agreed by Midlothian Community Radio in November 2007. It was not, in the event, a unanimous decision and the Chair himself opposed it. 

A vote of confidence in his chairmanship ensued . However,it was unanimously agreed that he should stay put - despite his mionority opposition. Mollified somewhat and surprised not a little , he agreed, in a gracious manner,to continue in post.  However,we feel it should be made clear that we undertand that Black Diamond FM falls under the 'umbrella' network of MCMA (Midlothian Community Media Association), headed up by John himself(!)

CMA continues in manifold ways to support community radio and television. We are reminded, through its website, that  the international scene (AMARC is the recognised body)   provides an insight into our relative good fortune - however discriminated against we may feel.ourselves to be (!)

Anyone and everyone involved in community media in the UK  should make the Community Media Association - a port of first call.  Membership is not too steeply priced and carries considerable benefits.  The website is commedia.org.uk