Aims of the Association
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We would aim to provide a resource for all 'wannabe'  media producers and promoters

We unashamedly"steal" from the experience of others and, subject, of course, to owner's permission, offer examples of 'best practice' from linked organisations and individual producers.  We  obtain advice, if requested, on issues connected with all aspects of broadcast and telecast media from professionals with whom we network

We try to keep people informed of what is happening locally, nationally and internationaly by offering abstracts from information received from a variety of sources

We  act as a conduit for the views of our members who through forums will share their experiences of the media and expertise in production and/or technical issues

  • If you have any information or advice to offer then contact us by e-mail or fax

Contact us at: postmaster@glengyle88.com or efax us on: 441312020659

  • We very much look forward to welcoming you as a member of our team!

Above and below are 'undoctored' photographs of  St Katharine's  Park in Edinburgh which  is currently being upgraded with the support of the City of Edinburgh Council . The local community is being invited, through a local volunteer group, to offer its own suggestions as to possible improvements.The overall longer-term project encompasses the whole of Upper Liberton.   The environment forms a substantial part of our current portfolio, but "Sparkle Media " is  also engaged with a community media project in Gracemount, Edinburgh  and with a planned development by Edenlaw in the same area.